e BlueWWater project aims to protect and preserve river, transitional and coastal water bodies within the Cooperation Area by controlling and monitoring the emissions of microplastics and contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) in the aquatic environment. Additionally, it seeks to assess the efficiency of the wastewater treatment systems in both regions. This project also aims to ensure the sustainable use of water resources, preserve the area’s biodiversity, and support the implementation of European Community legislation (new Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive, Water Framework Directive and Marine Strategy Framework Directive).

The BlueWWater project adopts a comprehensive approach to address the challenge of contamination in cross-border water bodies. To achieve this:

  • high-performance analytical methodologies will be developed and optimised to facilitate the detection of these contaminants. An interlaboratory comparison exercise will be organised to collaborate with other entities in validating these methodologies (activity 1).
  • the efficiency of WWTPs and the tertiary/quaternary treatments implemented in pilot plants will be evaluated using chemical and ecotoxicological approaches. Experimental studies will also be conducted to evaluate the potential reuse of treated water for agricultural irrigation, in accordance with the quality requirements established by legislation (activity 3).
  • BlueWWater will promote and consolidate the NOR-WATER Network (activity 4), fostering collaboration among stakeholders involved in water quality management on both sides of the border. This network will facilitate the exchange of experiences and promote the transfer and dissemination of knowledge within the Cooperation Area, benefiting the project’s end users.
  • BlueWWater will conduct environmental education activities to raise awareness of the risks and impacts of CECs and microplastics on both the environment and human health, aiming to foster a change in societal attitudes and habits.

The objectives of the BlueWWater project will address the new Wastewater Treatment Directive and align with the goals of the Water Framework Directive to support the identification and monitoring of contaminants.









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