Aquamuseu – Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova de Cerveira


The Câmara Municipal de Vila Nova de Cerveira, also known as CMVNC, is part of the traditional administrative public sector at the local level, and it operates in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Local Councils Law (Ley dos Conselhos Locais). One of its municipal projects, the Aquamuseu do Rio Miño (River Miño Aquamuseum), was established 18 years ago, and it plays a crucial role in promoting knowledge and raising awareness about the natural heritage of the Miño river basin. It does so through guided visits to its permanent exhibition, which includes the Aquário do rio (River Aquarium) and the Museu da Pesca (Fishing Museum). The museum shares scientific knowledge with various groups including school children, fishermen, and the general public, through educational activities and exhibitions. 

Thanks to the Aquamuseu do Río Minho, the CMVNC educates more than 20,000 people annually about the natural and ethnographic heritage associated with artisanal fishing in the River Miño. The museum engages extensively with school groups from Portugal and Galicia, offering educational experiences both in laboratory and field settings. It also constantly raises awareness among River Miño fishermen, providing ongoing training on exploring aquatic resources. By participating in the BlueWWater project through the Aquamuseu do Río Minho, CMVNC will enhance and diversify its educational offerings for groups visiting the Aquamuseu, focusing on the impact of emerging contaminants on the River Miño, and the need for improving the quality of the river habitat.


Carlos Antunes


Aquamuseu do Rio Minho

Parque do Castelinho

4920-290 Vila Nova de Cerveira