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Águas e Energia do Porto, EM is a local municipal business entity with statutory, administrative, and financial autonomy. The company’s corporate purpose is the comprehensive and sustainable management of the entire urban water cycle in the Concello do Porto (Porto City Council). This includes water distribution, wastewater treatment and drainage, rainwater drainage, management of urban rivers and streams, and management of the coastal strip. In November 2020, municipal energy management was added to its corporate responsibilities. CMPEAE also conducts activities to promote environmental education and sustainability across all areas. 

The company’s laboratory is responsible for managing water quality control throughout the urban cycle. Founded in the late 1930s, it has been accredited according to the NP EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard since 2000. Thanks to its highly qualified team, new facilities, and the acquisition of the latest technologies, the organisation has significantly enhanced its capacity to support the protection of public health, nature and biodiversity. 

The integrated and sustainable management of the entire urban water cycle forms the foundation of the concept of the “city as an ecosystem”. This approach fosters the preservation and appreciation of natural heritage while mitigating and adapting to climate change. The environmental and scenic value of the maritime borders, in constant dialogue with the population, serves as a pillar of sustainability for Porto, shaping its territory and socio-economic dynamics. It presents an opportunity for territorial and environmental rehabilitation through the promotion of ecosystems and the enhancement of biodiversity. The current strategic guidelines differ significantly from those used by water management entities at the national and international levels.


Adelaide Rocha


Águas e Energia do Porto

Rua Barão de Nova Sintra 285,

4300-367 Porto, Portugal

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