Centro Interdisciplinar de Investigacións Mariñas e Ambientais – Univ. do Porto


CIIMAR is an R+D centre dedicated to excellence in research, promoting technological development, and supporting public policies in the field of Marine Sciences. The centre hosts nearly 561 members (including 208 PhD holders), and it advocates for a multi- and interdisciplinary approach to addressing social and economic challenges on a regional, national and global level. 

CIIMAR has significant expertise in implementing R+D+I projects, promoting and transferring technology, and providing training across various sectors within the marine industry. CIIMAR excels in different R+D areas related to global changes, ecosystem services and management, biotechnology, aquaculture, and the valorisation of distinctive endogenous resources, particularly those associated with the Blue Economy. 

CIIMAR has been actively involved in implementing public policies related to the management of water bodies, notably the WFD and the MSFDs. Furthermore, and  within its expertise, CIIMAR addresses issues concerning emerging contaminants from various perspectives, including the development of ecotoxicological tools, ecological modelling, and bioremediation, among others. the Research Group on Endocrine Disruptors and Emerging Pollutants at CIIMAR will participate in the BlueWWater project.


Teresa Neuparth


Terminal de Cruzeiros do Porto de Leixões.
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